Sizing Information


To recieve the full luxury and bespoke service that we intend to offer it is important that all of our nail sets are made to fit to you perfectly. So we have developed a sizing system to ensure our nail sets fit you exactly!  

How it works:

- You purchase a SIZING KIT before you purchase any of our nail sets, this means each nail set you order will be made perfectly to fit you!

- You place an order for the sizing kits that you need for each of the nail shapes you desire to order. I.e, if you intend to order a 'Short Coffin' shaped nail set, then you will need to order a 'Short Coffin' sizing kit. 

- Once you have followed the instructions that are packaged with each of the nail sets and you have discovered your perfect fit, note down the number of the nails that fit each of your natural nails, and make sure you note them down in order, starting with your thumb and finishing with your little finger. 

- Typically your nails are the same on both hands, but if they are different sizes on each hand that is no problem for us, just note down all ten nail sizes, ensuring you tell us which hand the numbers are for. 

- Once you return to our website to make the final purchase for your perfect nail set, press the 'add a note to your order' section at the base of the 'cart out' page, and type in your nail size numbers, listing from thumb to little finger, ensuring there is a comma between each number, (2,7,5,7,9). 

- If you have placed an order for multiple nail sets then ensure you write the name of the nail set first, followed by your nail size numbers for each set, ('The Willow Nail- 2,7,5,7,9). If you have selected the same nail shape for all nail sets, then you only need to note down one set of numbers. 

- If any orders aren't complete due to there not being any nail sizes provided, your order will be cancelled and any payment will be returned to you, in order for you place a full order. 









Q and A's:

Do I need to purchase a sizing kit before I make any order?

- You only need to purchase a sizing kit for each new nail shape you buy. If you want to make an custom order for a 'Short Coffin' nail set, then you only need to purchase the 'Short Coffin' sizing kit. If you make another order for a 'Long Square', prior to buying the nail set you will need to purchase a 'Long Square' Sizing Kit. Each nail shape fits differently, so you only need to buy a sizing kit for each new shape that you purchase.

How do I order a custom made nail set?

After you have decided on your perfect nail set, select the 'custom made' option and add it to your basket. Before you press check out, in the 'add a comment' section at the bottom of the checkout page, write your nail sizes, starting from your thumb and finishing with your little finger. 

What is the difference between 'Custom Made' and 'Ready to Order'?

'Custom Made' includes 10 nail pieces and you must purchase a 'Sizing Kit' prior to making your order, to find out the sizes of your nails. A 'Ready to order' nail set includes 20 nail pieces; 10 different nail sizes, 2 of each nail size.